Alternate Immersion Machine (AIM)

Our Alternate Immersion Machine (AIM) uses a linear actuator for implementing accelerated corrosion testing. The testing completed with the AIM used a 3.5% NaCl solution and a 10 minute immersion and 50 minute atmosphere wet dry duty cycle. The duty cycle is easily adjustable using a repeat cycle time delay relay. Each AIM is capable of testing up to 40 small samples in our adjustable sample rack. Our sheet carrier can accommodate up to 24 4″ x 6″ sheet samples, or 12 6″ x 12″¬†sheet samples. The weight limit for our tray assembly is 60 lbs. The AIM is 28″ wide by 28 1/4″ high to accommodate placing the machine into an environmental chamber. (The electrical enclosure is designed so that it remains outside of the chamber.) Our AIM meets the standard for ASTM G49, G39, and G44, as well as ISO 11130.


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